Recruitment Strategy

Our Process

An efficient and effect route to talent.

A meticulous, experience-driven approach to dynamic talent acquisition.

A Detailed Job Description

We determine with you a detailed description of the position to be filled. Included are: location in the organizational structures, reporting relationships, major duties, responsibilities and authority

Defining the Qualifications

Working with you, we define the qualifications that an individual must have. These qualifications include education, depth of experience, product knowledge, managerial capabilities, salary requirements and other particulars.

A Complete Campaign

We will then prepare and execute a complete campaign to locate qualified candidates. Many diverse avenues, often unavailable to you, are used to locate the best candidates. Among these is our own extensive database as well as our special "Recruiting" procedures.

Conducted in Confidence

During the search, your anonymity is preserved. Candidates will not be informed of your identity until you so direct. Thus, your organization is not disturbed by the knowledge that a replacement is being sought or a position is being filled. Competition is unaware that changes are being made.

In-Depth Screening

Prospective candidates are contacted and screened and their personal and business qualifications are evaluated.

Resulting In Qualified Candidates

Only fully qualified individuals are then presented to you for final evaluation.

Uniquely qualified to meet your diverse talent and leadership needs. Begin your relationship with MCI.