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Businesses are built on their people. That's why businesses rely on Marvel

Marvel Consultants, Inc. has been providing permanent placements for key positions across the country since our inception in 1973. Our veteran recruitment experts deliver specialized consultation designed to promote organizational integrity and growth. Marvel's experience, a deep well of industry knowledge and a worldwide recruitment network, enables us to provide the highest level of service in efficiently meeting and exceeding your hiring requirements with the least amount of disruption to your business or personal life.


Your trusted advisor.

We are proud of our reputation for personal service, confidentiality and objective advice in assisting companies, practices, facilities and firms to facilitate real growth. By discovering, assessing and acquiring the talent and leadership companies need, we can achieve and exceed their development goals.


Your career advisor

MCI takes the time to get to know our candidates—skills, abilities, aspirations and professional needs. We work with individuals proven successful in their roles and fields to determine career paths that enable their professional and personal goals, building the relationships that truly impact industries.


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